Jacob Lusk


Haley Reinhart Is safe, Jacob And Stefano Are in The Hot Seat On American Idol!

Haley Reinhart Is safe! Jacob Lusk  And Stefano are up and i can’t figure out who’s gonna go their both so good!!! dang American Idol’s sad!!



Pia Toscano collapses into Jacob Lusk’s Arms As She Is Voted Off American Idol!

Pia Toscano breaks down crying and  Jacob Lusk’s along with her American Idol Companions embrace her after she sings her last song  after being voted off  American Idol!! Goodbye Pia you where awesome!!!!!!


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Who Will Be Voted Off American Idol Pia, Stefano Or Jacob?

Well looks like Pia, Jacob and Stefano gotta get those fan calls in…. geez!